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Original Rucksack Model 152276 Verosoft

SKU: 923189

VOOC Vintage P40 large leather backpack.
Large and capacious leather backpack in vintage style, ideal for active people who want to pack books, A4 lever arch files, binders, notebook, SLR camera and many other necessary things. Also works well as hand luggage on holiday trips. Huge one-compartment backpack, has two smaller pockets on both sides, closed with buckles, and one larger in the front. Comfortable, adjustable and extended straps allow for individual adjustment to each figure. The flap closes with a traditional buckle. Special handle allows to carry the backpack in hand. HAND MADE product made with great care and attention to detail from the best quality natural leather. Thanks to such workmanship we guarantee satisfaction for many years.
Vintage is a style for individualists who want to stand out through their avant-garde accessories. In this tone, our designers have created a collection combining passion with fun by juxtaposing the old with the new. A real skill for finding things from past eras and "pasting" them into modern VOOC bags, handbags and rucksacks.
Vintage is the fashion statement of the younger generation. It is also great fun at the crossroads of convention.
Look around you, the world of vintage is closer than you think!