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Original Natural Leather Bag Model 152102 Verosoft

SKU: 922586

Elegant leather doctor's bag VOOC PK4.
The VOOC Prestige PK4 is a leather clutch bag of the doctor's type. Made using traditional methods from high-quality natural leather. Functionality, comfort and prestige are the features which describe this and other models of VOOC carrier bags.
The bag is made of tasteful, slightly glossy haberdashery leather,
Closed with side clasps for easy access to the interior,
Metal knuckles on the bottom of the bag to protect it from abrasion,
Medical bags, trunks, wallets, sachets and other accessories from the PRESTIGE collection are products carefully manufactured using traditional methods from the best available materials. They are characterized by unique design created by combining classic and business styles, as well as comfort of use and everyday functionality.