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Shoes US Marshall - Gray Color - Number 40

SKU: USM1001

shoes US Marshall - Sneaker - Gray -Number 40

Excellent shoe for all occasions, design simple but attractive, adaptable to any style of dress. You will have a feeling of strength and comfort, combined with the pleasure of seeing this great shoe at your feet.

Besides the leather inserts reinforce the structure of the shoe making long lasting!

difficult model to find, you will have a special and unique look that will stand out in a stylish and sporty!

shoe Specifications:

- sole: textile

- lining: fabric with leather inserts

- closure: Lace

- Tip of the shoe: round

- sole: high-quality synthetics

Included in the box also bag for shoes.


the brand Original Marshall was born in 1996 when the founder saw the style of dress of American college. He decides to follow this culture, creating her first collection consists of 10 t-shirt.

After the success of the t-shirt line, decides to expand the collection in Jeans, Shirts, Polo, shoes and of course continue the road of t-shirts and sweatshirts, typical American college.

it decides that the production chain must be in Europe, and with very strict production choices on partners. The demand for quality is very high, for this is always offered a product at the top. Mashall Original is known for the quality of its collection and the materials used, but also for its constant innovation and creativity.