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Extendable leash for dogs - Max 15 kg -Flowers colored-Start & Stop

SKU: ANI1022
Extendable dog leash - Max 15 kg - Colored flower design - Start & Stop

The leash can support a weight of 15kg, so it is more than suitable for your 4-legged friend if it is not of big size. >
Equipped with a button to adjust the length of the wire which can reach 5 meters b>, you can also hold the leash at the distance you want and you can release the leash by pressing the button next to it. br> In this way you will have the convenience of not always having to press the button with your finger and enjoy the walk with your friend at the distance you prefer.
You can also temporarily lock the leash with the slight pressure of the button, in case you want give more freedom to your partner but you see a danger

Technical details:
- Maximum length: 5 meters
- Maximum weight: 15 kg